….I didn’t do it!!!….

Okay so funny story, God’s sense of humor a decaffeinated jolt to the system: I was doing a 21-day fast with a group of people — not from food but things, and one of the things on my list was Starbucks. Yesterday I had an 8 hour drive to San Diego and was super tempted at all points to stop and get a coffee. It was only half a day early. What would it hurt? We’re 12 hours out. It’s the spirit of the thing right? And the only coffee in the middle of farmland and garlic country between sacratomato and LA, is Starbucks, Starbucks and there might be a Starbucks. So it was Starbucks or nothing.

It was a no-brainer that I would honor the fast. I had made a commitment. So I poured myself a thermos of tea, gag me with a spoon, and hit the road. I actually like tea so I’m kidding for emphasis. But I can’t say I didn’t miss the coffee. But I made it 500 miles on PG Tips. I get in, go to bed, wake up this morning super excited about my first day ever at New Venture City Church (even though we’ve had the second location for a year) and my first Starbucks in a month. I put in my order ahead of time on the app, headed down the hill in my rental, walked into the mothership and there’s my coffee sitting on the edge of the counter snuggled in the newest promo wrap, literally wearing its message on its sleeve:


I smiled at the spiritual elbow to the rib. If I had snuck in the ‘Buck yesterday for a cheating coffee and it said that on the side? I would probably have left it sitting on the counter, derided but bemused by a God who looks upon the heart of man, including in the small things and the spirit of a promise. But this morning, after having rather enjoyed the lessons and learning of the last 21 days, that was one heck of a cup of coffee with it’s highlighted (literally in yellow) spiritual headline, reminding me in this or more important ways, don’t cut corners. Do as you say, go the distance. It’s worth the ride in the end.

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